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Solutions for externa workforce


Through our platform, companies can hire contingent workers


VMS streamline vendor management tasks, like selection, contracts, and invoicing, cutting down administrative work and costs significantly.


Connect with over 7,000 suppliers to receive competitive market rates for your new hire.

Precise Fit

Our platform uses advanced algorithms to match companies with the most suitable contingent workers based on specific job requirements and candidate profiles, ensuring a precise fit for each role.

Enhanced Quality

By matching candidates based on their skills, experience, and ratings, our platform ensures a higher quality of hire, leading to better performance and productivity.


Through our platform, companies can match with the right contingent workers


Our platform helps companies manage contingent workforce in 4 ways


Manage your external talent through our VMS platform. With the sourcing function you can look up all job profiles and their ratings. Through a pool build-up, you can automatically link the candidates from the pre-selection process to the real process based on predefined criteria.


VMS ensure adherence to regulations and internal policies by tracking vendor credentials, contract terms, and enforcing compliance standards, reducing legal and financial risks.


For tracking and managing contingent workers, we offer a centralized solution. Approval of timesheets, expense reports and budget tracking is done on the same platform. This keeps all parties on the same page in terms of hours worked.


Paying your external workers can be done automatically by sending invoices through the invoicing tool, and by sending invoices manually.  Read more about the benefits of a VMS system here.

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