Connecting external workforce

We connect companies with workforce suppliers and help them get a grip on their contingent workforce.

Connecting external workforce
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Which challenge do you face?

Finding talent

We provide a talent pool of over 7000 suppliers of consultants and freelancers.
We connect you with the right
workers at the best market price.

Streamlining external workforce management

We ensure that you can manage your external workers in the most efficient way.
With the help of our
integrated software system (VMS),

Matching with assignments quickly

Our platform ensures that suppliers and freelancers quickly discover the right assignments. Register on our Job Board and get started right away.

How to work with External Talent

Work with externa talent

1. Find External Talent

Before you can manage your external talent, you'll need to find them. 

Our platform helps you to share new open roles to your preferred workforce suppliers.  Or if you want you can publish your request to our +7000 workforce suppliers who are actively seeking new opportunities.

Our platform helps you find external employees quickly and efficiently.

Find external talent
Match external talent

2. Match External Talent

Once the job request is published, workforce suppliers will react to the role and propose new candidates. You can easily choose and see if the candidate matches your required skills. 

3. Manage External Talent

Once you have matched with your preferred talent, it's time to manage. Our platform will help you keep track of budget and help you automate the entire process from sourcing to payment. 

This increases productivity and provides transparency and control.


3 Benefits of Using Connecting-Expertise

1. Efficiency and Cost Savings

We streamline vendor management tasks: selection, contracts and invoicing. We cut down administrative work and costs significantly.

2. Open Workforce Suppliers Community

Our platform gives you access to your preferred suppliers and to our network of +7000 suppliers and freelancers. 

3. Transparency and Collaboration Between HR and Procurement

You will have access to real-time data regarding the external hiring process and effectually oversee vendor contracts and compliance.

How Our Clients Use Connecting-Expertise

“We analysed, we designed, we built up, we implemented the solution, we tested it, and we defined the test acceptance criteria which allowed us to go live on time and on schedule.”

Insight into market trends

Improved processes

Improved transparency

“Managing our temporary workforce is much more transparent and efficient now that we are using CE VMS platform”

Insight into market trends

Improved processes

Improved transparency

Engie client case

“Connecting-Expertise provides us with a single sourcing and performance
management tool while providing access to their Marketplace for benchmarking and finding scarce resources”

Insight into market trends

Improved processes

Improved transparency

ING client case

“At Connecting-Expertise, we've found a tool that's not only easy to implement but also incredibly user-friendly. The tool's integrated features have streamlined our processes, making it a valuable asset for efficient and effective workforce management.”

Insight into market trends

Improved processes

Improved transparency

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